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Murrays Cottage

Yaeli Ohana completed a Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication, at the University of Technology, Sydney in 1995, and a Master of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute, New York City in 2002. She has held a number of solo exhibitions in Australian and overseas, as well as participating in numerous group exhibitions since 1992. Yaeli is currently a Teacher/Lecturer at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and a Lecturer in Visual communication at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Having visited Hill End on many occasions, Yaeli feels a particular affinity to the atmosphere, history and mythology that surrounds the village. She plans to collect site-specific objects from the local area – neglected natural objects such as different varieties of leaves, bones, sticks etc – in order to produce a series of intricate drawings which exist as ghost-like and semi transparent elements in a landscape of washes and colour, evoking an atmosphere of Hill End as both a unique ‘place’ and ‘time’.