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Murrays Cottage

Flesser's drawings within this project are intended to address and respond to the location, environment, current art making practices, social circumstances and of course her own personal circumstances and experiences of life.  A play on scale within the body of work is intended to change the order of power and to investigate the complex, relationships between humans and animals / plants. The re-examining or turning over of the 'order' of things is meant to act as a catalyst for thought. Flesser does not wish to fill in the blanks, the work is meant to be a starting point.

The artist likes the idea of privileging the small side of things, the cracks, the nocturnal and guilty or intimate face of our feelings and our actions. It's a certain way of recognizing that beings are not whole, that they are doomed to being broken up and torn apart - without denying the connectivity of all life.

For more information about the artist visit her website. 


IMAGES: (L to R) Shayle Flesser Nest #2 n.d. archival pen on found timber egg. 28cm x 17cm x 17cm. Photo: courtesy of the artist. Shayle Flesser Nest #1 n.d. colour pencil and archival pen on board. 60cm x 60cm x 3 cm.Photo: courtesy of the artist. MENU IMAGE: Shayle Flesser Entirely Imaginary n.d. archival ink and colour pencil on found book. 34cm x 21cm x 4cm. Photo: courtesy of the artist.