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Haefligers Cottage

At Hill End photographers Dean and Tamara aim to create a contemporary vision of a forgotten time via a series of images which give a sense of the town and its people through the use of vivid environmental portraits, atmospheric/abstracted impressions of the environment and imaginary scenes alluding to the history of the community.

Dean Sewell began his career working as a news photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 1996 Dean was based in Moscow where he covered the Russian Federal Elections, the Chechen War and other social issues. In 1999 he covered the lead-up to the East Timor elections and its violent aftermath. Dean was awarded Australian Press Photographer of the year in 1994 and 1998. In 2000 and 2002 Dean won the World Press Photo awards for his work on East Timor and the Australian Bushfires. Today Dean exhibits regularly whilst freelancing as a documentary photographer for various publications in Australia and Internationally.

Tamara Dean studied photography at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW before graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a BA in Design. She is currently a staff photographer with the Sydney Morning Herald. Tamara's work focuses around the documentation of Australian Social issues and subcultures. Her works have been exhibited at leading Australia galleries including the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP), the Art Gallery of NSW and Photo Technica Gallery and she has works in the collections of the ACP, the State Library of NSW, the Fuji ACMP Australian Photographers Collection 9 and private collections.