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Ceramicist Sarah Ormonde’s practice investigates the marks that humans leave on the landscape and explore where they can lead us. During her residency, Ormonde will create a new series of bowls that compare and record the marks left on the landscape by mining in the historic gold-mining towns of Hill End and Bendigo in order to build an understanding of how these marks define each place.

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IMAGES: (L to R) Sarah Ormonde Summer Morning, Heading Out of Town 2013. high-fired ceramic, 18h x 35w x 31d.Photo: Ian Hill. Sarah Ormonde After Mount Alexander 2013. high-fired ceramic, Large: 14h x 32w x 28d Small: 9h x 22.5w x 19d. Photo: Ian Hill. MENU IMAGE: Sarah Ormonde Winter Day, Bendigo 2013. high-fired ceramic, 13.5h x 33w x 29.5d. Photo: Ian Hill