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Murrays Cottage

During the residency Nyberg would like to investigate Hill End from a historical and sociologic point of view.

Nyberg works with various mediums ranging from site-specific structures and installations to fragile drawings and conceptual ideas. Nyberg is also one part of a very active artist collaboration called Elin&Keino where the focus is on the field of site-specific, environmental and community art; creating artworks related to the politics of human interaction, interference, and reclamation of the natural environment.

The artist has decided to take the feature of Documentation as a starting point in her project at Hill End.

For more information about the artist visit her website.       



IMAGES: (L to R)  Elin & Keino (Nieminen & Nyberg) Artifical Astronomy 2012, Installation. Courtesy of the artist. Sandra Nyberg & Heini Nieminen Words of support 2009, Environmental artwork. Courtesy of the artist. MENU IMAGE: Sandra Nyberg ECOntainer 2011, Mobile workspace and gallery. Courtesy of the artist.