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7 hansel and gretel and their spiritguideKids

Murrays Cottage

From the written history, books and objects that remain at the cottage and whatever else Higgens can mine, she will build, through drawings and paintings, a new layer of storytelling imagery; a drama of suggested narratives that are simultaneously as real and poignant as any myth and uniquely Hill End.

The plan is for the works to be intertwined and self-referential and at the same time reflect disparate fragments of 150 years of white settlement history and the heritage that the settlers brought with them. Capturing these echoes in a montage of images (such is the quality of mythology) constructed of elements from Hill End's Celtic story, past and present.


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IMAGES: (L to R)  Sally Higgens Hansel and Gretel and their Spirit Guide 2011, Mixed media and oil on canvas. 36x30". Courtesy of the artist. Sally Higgens Kids 2012 mixed media and oil on canvas. 36x32". Courtesy of the artist. MENU IMAGE: Sally Higgens Sphinx and her prize 2012, mixed media and oil on canvas. 1220 x 1375mm.Courtesy of the artist.