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Ro Murray Blue Gold II photo Alex WisserRo Murray Harvest photo by Michael Lynch

Murrays Cottage

Ro Murray will be piggy backing the start to her residency with a site specific installation in cementa_13 Contemporary at Kandos, with Susie Williams as Artists in Transit. Murray and Williams will continue their collaboration, but apart during the residency at Hill End. They will send daily, by Australia Post, a drawing to each other, of a sound they are experiencing: Sound of Silence.

Murray will also continue her art practice at Hill End both in drawing, and sculpture from found material and objects that refer to the sustainability of the environment and media headlines.

For more information about the artist visit her website.       



IMAGES: (L to R)  Ro Murray Blue Gold 2011, PE piping, cable ties. 240 x 200 x 130(h)cm. Photo: Alex Wisser.  Ro Murray Harvest (3 pieces) 2012, found garden piping and steel. 200(h) cm. Photo: Ro Murray. MENU IMAGE: Ro Murray Moonflower 2012, found cast iron, steel. 300 diameter x 100 (h) cm. Photo: Ro Murray.