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Near and Far I 2From here 21200k West 2

Haefligers Cottage

Renuka Fernando's Hill End residency follows from a recent residency at Fowlers Gap, 1200 km west of Sydney, and forms part of an ongoing investigation into the dual themes of memory and space. While in Hill End, Fernando will create large scale drawings with charcoal, ink and graphite that focus on the unique landscape of the region, and the role memory plays in (re)constructing landscape and sense of place.



IMAGES: (L to R) Renuka Fernando Near and Far I, charcoal, pastel, paper, scribe, graphite on paper. 84.1cm x 118.9cm. Renuka Fernando From Here, charcoal, pastel, graphite on paper. 25cm x 35cm. Renuka Fernando 1200k West, charcoal, graphite on paper. 72cm x 95cm. MENU IMAGE: Renuka Fernando Untitled I, charcoal, chinese ink, acrylic pastel, graphite on rice paper. 50cm x 50cm.