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Haefligers Cottage

During her residency Rebecca Mayo will re-enact the Austrian botanist Baron Carl Von Hugel’s collecting walks of 1834. Von Hugel travelled to the Bathurst region during his time in NSW; 180 years later Mayo will retrace his steps, searching for the landmarks, place names and plants described in his journal. The material response to the walks will be a series of wearable props or garments constructed, dyed and printed with weeds and other introduced materials collected while walking. The re-enactment and production of artefacts will activate an imaginary

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IMAGES: (L to R) Rebecca Mayo Merri Creek Gorse Removal November 2013. 'Zeltbahn' Shelter tents & high-vis jackets: dyed and printed with weeds and indigenous plants collected from the Merri Creek, Melbourne. Each quarter tent 190 x 260cm (h x w) Photo: David Burrows. MENU IMAGE: Rebecca Mayo Merri Creek Walk: Gaiters Day 7 unworn (external surface) 2013. Screenprint and dyed: willow bark, artichoke thistle dye. Silk, buttons, hook and eye tape. Photo: R Mayo