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Haefligers Cottage

Rebecca Gallo's practice is based around using found objects as a foundation in developing paintings, sculptures and installations. At Hill End, Gallo will endeavour to create work from what she finds in the local area, treating the residency as an opportunity to test her limits and contribute to a long history of luck-seekers who have populated Hill End over time. Gallo hopes to produce a body of work combining elements of analogue photography, assemblage sculpture, painting on found objects and works on paper.

For more information about the artist visit her website.       



IMAGES: (L to R)  Rebecca Gallo Everything you ever wanted – Faversham 2012, enamel on metal. 94 x 26 cm. Images courtesy and © Rebecca Gallo. Rebecca Gallo Old Sydney – Fitzroy/Neville 2012, gouache on metal. 47 x 28 cm. Images courtesy and © Rebecca Gallo.  MENU IMAGE: Rebecca Gallo Adminotaur – London/Paynes Crossing 2012, gouache on wood. 60cm diameter. Images courtesy and © Rebecca Gallo.