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Murray’s Cottage, October 2014. Photo: Peter McNeilGeorge Platt-Lynes Latin American Boy, possibly rejected for a fashion ad campaign c1940. Collection Peter McNeil.

Murrays Cottage

During his return to Hill End, Peter McNeil will work on writing and exhibition projects linked to the local area. He will collaborate with Lino Alvarez of La Paloma Pottery and research the inter-relationship of fire, food and pottery in the creation of food cultures. The related book will be published with Brandl & Schlesinger in 2017. He will also work with the Director of Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Richard Perram OAM, on the exhibition The Unflinching Gaze: photo media and the male figure, also for 2017.

Peter McNeil FAHA is Professor of Design History at UTS and Distinguished Professor, Aalto University



IMAGES: (L to R) Murray’s Cottage, October 2014. Photo: Peter McNeil. George Platt-Lynes Latin American Boy, likely taken at the same time as a fashion ad campaign c1940. Collection Peter McNeil.  MENU IMAGE: Jean Bellette Still Life 1955, oil on composite board, 90 x 120 cm. Collection Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, winner Carillon City Festival Prize 1955. © Bathurst Regional Art Gallery