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a7 small Earthskina9 small earth bowl in a country once forested

Murrays Cottage

Penny Dunstan is currently studying post mining landscapes in the upper Hunter Valley as part of her PhD studies at Newcastle University. Informed by her previous career as an agronomist and scientist, Dunstan uses her fine art practice to interpret and recreate post mining landscapes using a combination of drawing, painting, photography and earths. Hill End will give Dunstan the space to observe Hill End’s revegetated mining landscapes and contemplate the future of the 18,000 hectares of the Hunter Valley currently subject to both open cut and underground mine interventions.

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IMAGES: (L to R) Penny Dunstan Earthskin 2014, exhibited at Offshoot 2014. Penny Dunstan Earth bowl Closing day. MENU IMAGE: Penny Dunstan Pastpresent 2014, paper, ink, charcoal, coal crayon and lighting. Exhibited at Podzome 2014.