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Gowans Detached 2009Gowans Sunday 2009

Murrays Cottage

Paula Gowans' atmospheric paintings reveal this painter's paradoxical commitment to photography as she tries to hold together opposing impulses toward raw indexicality and creative gesture. Her subject matter includes intimate landscapes, but tends more towards figures and interior spaces. Her use of colour is highly structured and her compositions play adventurous but respectful games with perceptual experience, the picture plane and the grid.

Using photographs and drawings as well as historical photographs and documents, Gowans will seek to recover and reconnect elemental visual links between Hill End's past and present.

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IMAGES: (L to R)  Paula Gowans Detached 2009, Oil on canvas. 103 x 81.5 cm. Paula Gowans Sunday 2009, Oil on canvas. 103 x 81.5 cm. MENU IMAGE: Paula Gowans Lobby (Diptych) 2009, Oil on canvas. 103 x 147.5 cm.