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Camie Lyons Animal BrainCamie Lyons Exercising the Memory Bronze on sandstone 220x98x55cmC Lyons Tying and Untying Elbows and Knees

Haefligers Cottage

1 - 28 October 2018

During her residency Camie Lyons will collect ideas and make maquettes and notations to build a body of work comprising abstracted figurative sculptures and large-scale drawings. While in Hill End, Lyons plans to investigate the figure within the context of this historic landscape by creating sculptural forms using found foliage, fabric, wire, wax and clay. Having wanted to explore the figure for some time, the residency will allow her to deeply examine our relationships to the landscape and our place in it.

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 IMAGES: (L to R) 

Camie Lyons, Animal Brain, 2017, bronze, 44 x 43 x 18cm. Image courtesy the artist. Camie Lyons, Exercising the Memory, bronze on sandstone, 220 x 98 x 55cm. Image courtesy the artist. Camie Lyons, Tying and Untying - Elbows and Knees, 2017, bronze, 50 x 60 x 39cm. Image courtesy the artist. MENU IMAGE: Photograph of artist's studio. Photography courtesy of the artist.