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Murrays Cottage

1 - 28 October 2019

During her residency, Byron fibre artist Zimmi Forest will explore the local environment and research historical records in search of the use of plant fibre in the objects of day-to-day life of Hill Ends past. Zimmi will draw on her knowledge & skills as a maker to create a series of woven sculptural pieces that references the landscape and materials that reflects aspects of Hill Ends history.

Click here to visit the artist's website.
Click here to visit the artist's website.



IMAGES: (L to R) ZIMMI FORREST Garden Tools 2006, NZ Flax. Installation 1.8x2.5m. Image courtesy of Brenda May Gallery. ZIMMI FORREST Paint Brushes, 2006 NZ Flax. 25x20 cm. Image courtesy of Brenda May Gallery. ZIMMI FORREST Night life, Work life 2007, NZ flax. Both size 39. Image courtesy of the artist.
MENU IMAGE: Zimmi Forrest, Electrical cord, 2006. NZ Flax. 30x20cm. Image courtesy of Brenda May Gallery.