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hollygreenwood quickstudyofdadhollygreenwood rainandfirehollygreenwood thepubtoilet

Murrays Cottage

1 - 28 February 2019

Holly Greenwood is continuously drawn to the Australian bush and the pubs that inhabit it. These are places that have faded with time, yet through the beer stained carpets and the peeling gums there are layers of history waiting to be revealed. Hill End has stories seeping through the ochred earth. A place where the land is scarred and the bellies full with beer. Holly has travelled to Hill End many times throughout the past few years, painting the locals in the pub and the interiors of their homes rich with character and charm, as well as exploring its unique landscape. Through the use of drippy gouache and buttery oil sticks Holly paints from life in an attempt to capture a fleeting moment in time. She then expands on those works in the studio. Throughout her practice she will continue to explore the town and its community, the surrounding bush, the history and where it is today.

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 IMAGES: (L to R) HOLLY GREENWOOD Quick study of Dad gouache on paper. Image courtesy of the artist. HOLLY GREENWOOD Rain and fire oil on board, 120cm x 170cm. Image courtesy of the artist. HOLLY GREENWOOD The Pub Toilet oil on board, 83cm x 108 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
MENU IMAGE:HOLLY GREENWOOD Bo-bi bar Copenhagen oil on stickboard 122cm x 170cm. Image courtesy of the artist.