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Alde OreReconstituted MaquetteTidal Study

Murrays Cottage

1 - 28 March 2019

UK based sculptor Alice Andrea Ewing is interested in the relationship between humans and the natural world, specifically around the concepts of ownership and use. During her residency, she intends to explore Hill End as a site which has emerged from a mining environment into a space controlled by natural forces or ‘new materialism’. Working primarily in bronze casts, the works she produces will reimagine a relationship with nature in a place that effectively grew out of nature’s exploitation.

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 IMAGES: (L to R) Alice Andrea Ewing, Alde & Ore, 2016, bronze, Photo: Nick Lott. Alice Andrea Ewing, Reconstituted Maquette (I-IV), 2015, white wax & steel wire. Photograph courtesy the artist.. Alice Andrea Ewing, Tidal Study (Spreads Her Meaning Out), bronze & acrylic paint, 2017, Photo: Nick Lott. MENU IMAGE: Alice Andrea Ewing, The French Prince, bronze & horse hair, 2017, Photo: Nick Lott.