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in company of manynewland

Haefligers Cottage

Pamela French will use her Residency at Hill End to study colonial female artists who travelled to or lived in Central Australia. Her studies will focus on exploring the artistic link in portraiture of these women. Analyses and studies will be guided from photos, artworks and research materials resulting in drawings and clay works. French will be creating sculptured portraits telling stories of these artist's lives.      



IMAGES: (L to R)   Pamela French New Land n.d. bronze. 8.5cm. Photo: Sowerby Smith. Pamela French In Company of Many I n.d. pencil on paper. 80 x 78cm. Photo: Sowerby Smith MENU IMAGE: Pamela French Shared Wisdom 2012, bronze, stainless steel and paper. 22 cm. Photo: Sowerby Smith.