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Haefligers Cottage

During her Hill End residency Sarina Noordhuis will map her encounters with historic mining sites by responding to the native and introduced flora and fauna that now covers their scarred and pitted surfaces. Noordhuis will observe and record key landscapes over a month, noting changes and patterns as they occur. Her work contains an appreciation for the poetry of time and place and will gradually evolve as she observes changes within the Hill End landscape.David Hirschausen will be undertaking a joint residency with his partner Sarina Noordhuis. Hirschausen will use photography, digital video and time-lapse equipment to record images and sounds. His work explores light and space and the way in which a landscape, that may appear homogenous in a single moment, evolves into a rich complexity over time. Hirschausen aims to explore the way in which human response to the landscape can help to reveal rhythms over time.