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10 Urban Habitat Nicola Moss5 Co existence Nicola Moss

Haefligers Cottage

During her residency Nicola Moss aims to develop a series of works that respond to the ecology of the Hill End landscape and explore community values around environmental issues. Consisting of multi-layered handed cut paper pieces and paper installations, this work will incorporate the textures of Hill End through the use of ochre, frottage and rust



IMAGES: (L to R) Nicola Moss Urban habitat, 2010, acrylic, hand cut paper, 144 x 104cm. Photo: Carl Warner. Nicola Moss Co-existence, 2010, acrylic, hand cut papers, 110 x 250cm. MENU IMAGE: Nicola Moss On the ground – identify, collect, propagate, 2010, acrylic, pigmented ink, laser print, assorted paper on panels, 112 x 120cm. Photo: Carl Warner.