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 Foerster Zeige Deine WundeUnheimliche Heimat

Haefligers Cottage

Investigating the folklore of the ‘swagman’ and its historical links with the 600-year-old guild of the ‘Wandergesellen’ (itinerant European tradesmen), Nathan Babet situates his residency as part of a proposed ’walkabout’ performance through regional Australia. Often drawing upon his own European genealogy whilst referencing mythology and folklore, in Hill End he shall explore expedition, mining and indigenous histories of the region to stage video and photographic works utilising unique landscapes. In parallel, Babet proposes to create assemblage works from found objects and artifacts whilst ‘on the road’.




IMAGES: (L to R) Nathan Babet (Hrebabetzky) Unheimliche Heimat (Uncanny Homeland) 2010, variable mixed media installation: salvaged timber, salvaged house windows, chair, side table, mirror, found cuckoo clock, fox head-piece, pine logs, suitcase, axe. Two-channel HD video with sound, 07’30”, rear-projection.Ivan Dougherty Gallery - Installation view. Photo: Craig Bender. MENU IMAGE: Nathan Babet (Hrebabetzky) Förster Zeige Deine Wunde (Forester show your wound) 2012. HD video with sound, 16:9, 14'21", loop. Production Still: Josh Raymond. Nathan Babet (Hrebabetzky) Červená Voda (Red Water) 2012. variable mixed media installation: Plantation pine-tree sections, axes, earing with feathers, found 'Whimsy', apron, found military jacket with pine log, vitrine with found Crimson Rosella, 'Siberian Gulag' watchtower, found cuckoo clock, digital C-Type prints. Two-channel HD video with sound, 16:9, 14'21", loop. Performance: Zimmermann (carpenter 'Journeyman') guild uniforms including staff, vodka bottle, hammer & nail. Tin Sheds Gallery - Installation view & Performance documentation. Photo: Craig Bender