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2. Bromhead A Gaggle of Yin 2014 225 4. Longline 2014 225

Murrays Cottage

Travel is central to Matt Bromhead’s art-making practice, particularly the opportunity to participate in residencies where engaging with the surrounding landscape is the principal focus. In Hill End Bromhead aims to imbue his collage and sculptural work , which will be used for both a proposed exhibition at the Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles in, and in a submission for the Atelier Calder, France.

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IMAGES: (L to R) Matt Bromhead A Gaggle of Yin, 2014. Chalk, charcoal, collage on paper. 72 x 92 cm. Courtesy of the artist. Matt Bromhead Longline, 2014. Brass, copper, clay, floss, marble, timber. 69 x 30 x 52 cm. Courtesy of the artist. MENU IMAGE: Matt Bromhead Two Step, 2014. Brass, copper, leather, marble, timber, twine. 28 x 18 x 44 cm. Courtesy of the artist.