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Haefligers Cottage

Liz Shreeve started studying Fine Art at Kempsey TAFE in 1997 after a long career as a science teacher. Since that time she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and has received recognition for her work, notably as winner in both the Waverley Art Prize and the Kempsey Art Prize. The main focus of her work has been on the way light activates space, yet while her work explores the effects of light, colour and perception, it is also to some extent made of light itself. Up until now, architectural references have been the starting point of her work and Shreeve is looking forward to immersing herself in the Hill End environment to "see how light and shadow could be used to construct works that reflect this rural wooded area". During the residency she aims to build up a portfolio of drawings and small experiments with materials based on the light and shadow patterns of the area.