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9 Io6 Untitled 11 Satyr series5 Untitled 4 Satyr series

Haefligers Cottage

Using Russell Drysdale's grim deception of pastoral destruction and Sidney Nolan's drawings of drought-stricken livestock as a catalyst for her residency, Leith Maguire plans to produce a new series of ink drawings based on a Hill Ends inherent cycle of life, death, abandonment and renewal.



IMAGES: (L to R) Leith Maguire IO 2011, ink on paper, 30 x 21cm.  Leith Maguire Untitled 11 (Satyr series)  2011, ink on paper, 30 x 21cm. Leith Maguire Untitled 4 (Satyr series) 2011, ink on paper, 30 x 21cm. MENU IMAGE: Leith Maguire string, feather, bone series 2010, ink on paper, 30 x 21cm.