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Catherine Lane Time Past Time Present Time Future laid bare 1

Haefligers Cottage

The proposed 3D installation of laid bare will use materiality and history to talk about the cultural heritage of non-indigenous Australians and the way those connections continue to impact on our present value system. Linelle Stepto is a descendent of the Marshall family from Hill End. Granny Charlotte often told stories of living there, epitomising a lifestyle at odds with the face of the natural world. Catherine Lane's relatives settled as colonial pastoralists around Orange, Bathurst and Byng.

Colonial people were solid metaphoric examples of exotic species transported to a new environment; the pair intends to mirror that scenario to suggest that, in a contemporary culture, people are equally out of touch with nature. Fear of the bush is real and continues to be played out in many different ways.

For more information about Catherine Lane visit her website

For more information about Linelle Stepto visit her website.




IMAGES: (L to R)   Catherine Lane Time Past, Time Present, Time Future n.d. BRT clay, vellum glaze, enamel, glass bottles, cork, rose essence, 22cmw x 43cml x 16cmh. Photographer: Linda Cunningham. Catherine Lane & Linelle Stepto laid bare #1 fly screen. 35cmh. Image: courtesy of the artists. MENU IMAGE: Catherine Lane & Linelle Stepto laid bare #2 (maquette) fly screen. 35cmh. Image: courtesy of the artists.