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Water, or the lack of it, shapes things in powerful, fundamental ways. Wet and dry materials, textures and finishes characterize Joanne Linsdell's work, reflecting the extremes of nature she grew up with in a rural Australian farming community. Jo works with water in direct and figurative ways - casting shapes with water based materials or coating objects with sleek finishes. Thirsty materials like plaster form objects only with the correct quantity of water in the mix. Slick materials like wax have a sheen like new leaves with stores of water sealed in. Jo's art practice is muscular and democratic but still intensely sensitive to her surroundings. She often involves children, enabling them to communicate the complex structure and resonance of objects through uncomplicated, direct techniques. In 2004 Jo returns to Hill End to participate in INTERFACE a community arts project driven by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and supported by the Commonwealth Government via regional Arts Fund.

Sponsored by Regional Arts NSW.