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HE DustpansHE From Jungle to Teacup series

Haefligers Cottage

Earl's practice combines ceramics with found, existent objects to create artworks that mediate the connection between interior and exterior spaces.

The preserved domestic interior of Haeflingers cottage with its narrative of habitation will be used to explore the idea of this domestic space as being connected and continuous to the macrocosm of the surrounding natural environment of Hill End. The cottage will become a threshold from which to explore domestic imagery, objects and the surrounding natural environment as inspiration for new ceramic artwork and installations.

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IMAGES: (L to R)  Helen Earl, Detail from Jungle to Teacup Installation, 2012. Hand built porcelain flowers, glazed slip cast cup, screen printed handmade tile, tea. Dimensions variable, cup: 12 x 7cm. Photographer: Greg Piper.  Helen Earl, Dustpans for Oceanic Oil Spills & Bushfires, 2009. slab built, southern ice porcelain & porcelain paper clay, found sticks.  Approximate dimensions of dustpans, 52 x 16 x 19 cm. Photographer: Greg Piper. MENU IMAGE: Helen Earl, Seed Hunter's Broom, (Installation) 2009. hand built porcelain flowers, leaves and pods, with found broom and dried chickpeas. Sinter engobes and dry glazes. Broom: 160 x 40 x 13. Pods, leaves, flowers; varied dimensions.  Photographer: Greg Piper.