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Haefligers Cottage

Ken Orchard and Ed Douglas will embark on a collaborative residency aimed at creating a body of work for exhibition and tour in 2008 inspired by the work of colonial artist George French Angas (1822 - 86). Angas created a series of lithographs of the diggings at Ophir from sketches executed in the field in June 1851. Using this important series of images as a springboard for exploring 'place', the pair propose to locate the areas delineated by Angas, as well as other sites in the district, as reference points for a series of panoramic works on paper (Orchard) and a suite of black and white photographs (Douglas).

Ed Douglas has traveled and photographed extensively in Australia, and has held numerous exhibitions of his work since arriving in Australia in the mid 1970s. His renewed interest in black and photography comes from a "deep emotional connection …with the very early landscape photographers". Ed Douglas holds MAS Fine Arts from San Francisco State University. His work is held in major Australian and international collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Chicago Art Institute, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.