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Haefligers Cottage

1 - 26 October 2022



Researcher and author Stephenie Cahalan will explore the life and legacy of Jean Bellette (1908-1991); a skilled artist and influential player in the development of the modern Australian artistic identity who was honoured with a retrospective curated by the esteemed Christine France in 2005. Bellette bequeathed Haefligers Cottage to NSW National Parks on the proviso that it operate as a retreat for artists, which BRAG manages through the Hill End AIR program. Cahalan’s residency at Bellette’s home will inform her written portrait of a vivid, talented, modern artist.


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Images L to R:

Colour and Movement: the Life of Claudia Alcorso (cover), 2019, Forty South Publishing, Hobart, Author: Stephenie Cahalan

Jean Bellette, Myths and Legends, 1947, design on upholstery fabric, Part of ‘Modernage, a new approach to textile design by a group of Australian artists’ in which the work of contemporary artists was printed by Claudio Alcorso’s Silk and Textile Printers for commercial sale in garment and furnishing fabrics.

Jean Bellette, Myths and Legends (detail), 1947, design on upholstery fabric with the ‘art print’ mark on the selvage, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Collection, Photo: Stephenie Cahalan

Cahalan at BRAG: Stephenie Cahalan researches the Jean Bellette archive at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Collection in 2019, Photo: Vica Bayley