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McCARTNEY Lauren 4McCARTNEY Lauren 4McCARTNEY Lauren 4


Haefligers Cottage

1 - 26 February 2022


During her time in Hill End, Lauren McCartney seeks to create a series of humorous performances associated with female strength and endurance. These works will represent women’s resilience and struggle for recognition in Hill End. McCartney will visually explore how women can insert their bodies into the landscape to playfully parody the masculine history of Hill End, to disrupt dominant ideas about the gendering of the landscape and in doing so create a corporeal language of feminine experience.


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Images L to R:

Lauren McCartney, Here, with a bang!, 2019, digital video (still), 11:27, Image courtesy of artist

Lauren McCartney, Movement #2, 2016, c-type print, 62 × 91 cm.

Lauren McCartney, Parody Heals, 2015, digital video (still), 2:10, Image courtesy of artist