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Haefligers Cottage

1 - 26 October 2021


Spells for Planting is the title of an oil painting by Jean Bellette, painted in 1964. As a title for a writing project, however, its evocation of gardening suggests an approach at once practical and generative: the sometimes strenuous, everyday discipline of digging, tending, watching and listening, with perseverance gathered into a sense of wonder. This is the ethos that Troup will bring to her residency in Haefligers Cottage. Every weekday through the residency she’ll compose a prose poem; each will be informed by her experience of residing and researching at Hill End, while taking its title from one of Bellette’s paintings.


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Cynthia Troup (artist’s talk 2015), photography: Daisy Noyes

Turbulence (soprano Deborah Kayser, actor Anneli Bjorasen, Chamber Made Opera 2013, libretto by Cynthia Troup, score by Juliana Hodkinson), photography: Daisy Noyes

Cynthia Troup (rehearsal, Undercoat, La Mama Theatre 2015), photography: Peter Humble