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Haefligers Cottage

US based artist Anthony Alston's aspiration as an artist in residence to expand upon an interdisciplinary, site-specific body of work initially inspired by a town in Nevada. Exploring the varied relationships between Hill End and Virginia City is of interest to him; by comparing and contrasting the two seemingly disparate locations, a number of similarities seem discernable. The multi-faceted nature of each milieu will be investigated more thoroughly as thematic motifs already prevalent in his work—responsibility, intention, and serendipity—are augmented by researching chronicles and myths. Projects to be undertaken include a series of music boxes, sculptures, and performative actions.



IMAGES: (L to R) Anthony Alston Canary in the shafts, altruistic ritual, and another unfettered heist, mixed, 12m x 7.5m x 2.5m. Anthony Alston da capo ad infinitum, stained wood, sewn fabric, welded steel, copper, modified keyboard, 56cm x 18cm x 1m. Anthony Alston Tacit (long winter), cut glass bottles, ash, cork, 12m x 2.5m x 30cm.