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  • Murrays Cottage

    Murrays Cottage

  • Murrays Cottage

    Murrays Cottage

  • Murrays Cottage

    Murrays Cottage

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Murrays Cottage was a new addition to the Hill End Artist in Residence Program in 2003.

The cottage was the Hill End residence of prominent Australian artist Donald Friend (1947 - 1957) and Donald Murray (1947 - 1980s). The nineteenth century cottage has been refurbished with the assistance of a NSW Ministry for the Arts regional infrastructure grant. The building works were designed to maintain the significance of the building and its setting (as per the period of Friend) with a mood of simple living, outdoor orientation, while providing modern and safe amenities for artists.

Murrays Cottage is located on the corner of Beyers Avenue and Moores Lane.

  • Cottage Contents

    Cottage Contents

    The cottage is equipped with basic facilities and utensils. Artists will need to take their own food and art supplies.




  • Living Quarters

    Living Quarters

    Murrays Cottage has the capacity to accommodate one artist or two and is not suitable for small children. There is one bedroom with a double bed. Pets are not permitted.



  • The Studio

    The Studio

    The small studio (3m x 3m) is located within the cottage. It contains worktable, desk, easel and pin boards. There is a sink outside the back door.




  • The Garden

    The Garden

    The cottage garden is listed as culturally significant and is the result of horticulturalist Donald Murray's efforts to recreate a cottage garden. The garden is designed in character with Hill End's historic gardens with an orchard at the back of the site and an axial path to the front. A wide variety of plants can be found in the garden including roses, honeysuckles, succulents and a variety of bulbs. Murray also kept journals recording his gardening activities.
  • Amenities


    Hot and cold running water, electricity, indoor bathroom with a flush lavatory, electric oven/grill, fridge with a large freezer, washing machine, slow combustion wood heater (living room), off peak electric wall heater (kitchen). In the kitchen there is a beautiful old stove (non operational) which was tiled by the late Margaret Olley and there is also a generous slate table in the courtyard, created by Ian Marr during his residency in 2004.
  • Location


    The Historic Village of Hill End in the central west of NSW is situated in an upland valley 84 kilometers north west of Bathurst and 35 kilometers west of Sofala. The village is not accessible via public transport and it is just over 4 hours drive from the Sydney CBD.
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